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Every winning Digital Strategy starts with a thorough website audit – and the best thing about Siesta Key Digital Marketing is that we do this (often) expensively charged process absolutely free! One of our core principles as a team is to produce results. We wish to help clients achieve their idea of online success by boosting their digital presence and helping them gain market advantage. So instead of bombarding them with heavy financial commitments at the start, we give them a good head start. Our website offer comes with 3 components. 1) New WordPress Sit with a Content Management System (CMS). 2) Search Engine Optimization. Our team believes in up-close and personal collaboration with clients as effective communication is always key to success. We check factors like:

  • On-page SEO
  • Domain & Page Authority
  • Effectivity of Current Web Design
  • Responsiveness and Speed of Website
  • Content Quality

And many, many more

3) Social Media Search

Social media has become a norm in people’s lives. So much so, that not using any of it feels more out of place than using it 24/7. A global platform used and adored by many is too good a place to start building your brand; no wonder it became one of the most important instruments in the digital marketing industry. Siesta Key Digital Marketing Services, being a leading Social Media and Digital Marketing provider in the industry, certainly did not turn a blind eye to the potentialities of social media to grow your brand. Our team of highly capable and talented marketing professionals have vigorously trained to efficiently support you in this conquest to take over the social media marketing scene. With our team’s help, your brand will gain the social media limelight with time to spare. Reach out to more clients and build better relationships with them through social media branding.

WordPress Site
Social Media

Siesta Key Digital Marketing OFFERS THE FOLLOWING combined SERVICES for $2999

A New Website that is unique to you and your Business!


Priority number one.

A professional website design is your most important business marketing tool. The right URL and content elevates your visibility, credibility, customer confidence and interaction with your company

Simplifying your business processes.

Adding a custom database that integrates an inventory control or accounting system reduces time spent on paper work and enables you to share select portions of your data with coworkers and colleagues. In addition, collecting better information about your customers, and acting on that info, can improve your bottom line.
Promoting a smooth workflow.

Systems integration connects your Internet business with other independent systems, automatically exchanging data in both directions. Shipping, accounting, financial systems, ERP, inventory control and fulfillment, to name a few, can be automated. This facilitates operational cost savings, flexibility of business activities, enhanced customer service and customer loyalty.
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90 Days SEO drives the right visitors to your website through SEO.


Global market domination always starts somewhere. And for you, where place better to start it than in your own locality? Building a home base and gradually expanding your brand’s influence outward will help you build a stronger, more stable and reliable foundation for your company to grow and foster in the future. To realize a grand dream, you have to start with small steps – and never stop. This is how you go from good to great.

To help you realize this dream, Siesta Key Digital Marketing Services has prepared an all-in-one Local SEO package like no other. To date, we have helped small businesses find success in their respective industries by growing their influence online. Everything starts with a local keyword search and with us, it only ends up in one possible way: You topping the local search engine ranks. The local ranking experts SEO Services have on board are the best at what they do. Why not contact us for a free website audit and find out just how much we can make a difference for your website?

90 Days Social Media Marketing.

Social Med Explained

As a social media marketing agency with years of experience in social media and content marketing, we know that social media marketing can generate tangible results. Over the years we have created a proven formula for your success:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and others are great ways to drive repeat business and to attract new customers. Let the Internet marketing experts at Siesta Key Digital Marketing show you how to best utilize social media to meet your branding and marketing goals.

Expert Marketing is a division of Siesta Key Digital Marketing and is dedicated to traditional marketing strategies including market assessment, cross media planning, lead generation, email marketing and Internet marketing. Expert Marketing will design, document and implement your marketing strategies.

Siesta Key Digital Marketing OFFERS THE FOLLOWING combined SERVICES for $2999

6 Page WordPress Site with Content Management System
6 Page WordPress Site with Content Management System
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


The call is free – the potential is limitless.